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Emmanuel Carlos


         My name is Emmanuel Carlos, and I'm the founder of E-Men Productions. I'm a freelance filmmaker, Director, and Actor. I am currently based in Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. I have a B. A. in Media Arts from the University of North Texas. My work has been on narrative film but has span into other work such as documentaries, nonprofits, commercials,  music, experimental, etc. 
            My love for film began at a very young age, but the idea of becoming an actor was first by watching movies I would buy with my saved lunch money in Mexico. It wasn't until I moved to the United States in 2010 that I began pursuing my dream, joining theater, and enhancing my acting skills.  As I grew older, the time came when I needed to work and help support my family; placing my goal aside. It wasn't until my last year of high school that I was assigned a film project where I found my passion for film and filmmaking once again.     
        During my years in college, one of my biggest obstacles was being able to network and make good impressions properly. So instead of following, I took the lead and began working on my projects and getting crews together, building connections and friendships. I talked to some professors who helped get my ideas together and created E-Men Productions to showcase my work while giving people the opportunity to connect and work on films.  



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