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E-Men Productions


About Us

   E-Men Productions is an owner-operated company that produces commercial and entertainment video content. Our vision is to help you build your brand with eye-catching commercials and create the short film, social media video, or documentary you have always dreamed of but needed help finding the right people. Currently stationed in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX, and Los Angeles, California area.   

     In 2020 Emmanuel Carlos founded E-Men Productions. After experiencing how hard it is to make it in today's film industry without the right qualifications or people to know. At first, he had always been turned down, and he later got the job after people saw his capabilities. 

     2022 E-Men Productions officially established a production team that allows others to shine and grow in this competitive industry. No matter whom you know and how much experience you have, we give everyone the same opportunity to succeed. 

     Making a short film inspiring a worldwide film festival within the video game Hell Let Loose Ranking in the top 5 short films by the developers. From creating remarkable short films like LoveBot #9, one of the best films in recent semesters with UNT Short Film Club. And partnered with local Boost mobile stores to develop compelling commercials.

      You can find all our work in the "Our Work" tab under categories or on our Youtube channel, E-Men Productions. We also offer gaming entertainment with our sister brand E-Men Gaming. So if you have a great film idea you have always dreamed of producing or want to get a bigger audience for your brand, we can help you in your next project.

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